Monday, April 14, 2008

"We're gonna debut CRS on the tour." -Lu

BBC's interview with Lupe actually gives us some new information! Awesome.

"Lupe said: 'It was Pharrell's idea one day in the studio 'cause we're all similar, same likes and same dislikes, same goals and aspirations.'
'So on that level we wanted to create some music. But we haven't actually been in the studio together, everything we did separately and just emailed it to each other.'
But Lupe has revealed that all three are on the road in May.
He said: 'The stars aligned for us all to go on tour this summer for Glow in the Dark in the US, so we're gonna debut CRS on the tour.'"

Click here for the whole article.

In the blogosphere: now redirects to the FNF blog on Lupe's official site. It was previously a blog by someone who seemed to be from Lupe's inner circle. It randomly stopped being updated a while ago.