Thursday, January 24, 2008

Child Rebel Soldier Icons

Okay so this blog could use some original content. I really like playing with photoshop so I've decided to start making CRS-related icons. Feel free to put these on your journal or blog or whatever. Right now I just have a couple for you, but I promise there will be more soon!
***Scroll down for the newest additions***


Anonymous said...

this ould be the best thing i found out in the last four months the. marketing is paying off.push things out mind into puplic is not a hard phylosophy to live buy that's the way. for years as a kid that luiV. brown drove me colour is cool and taste ful.

Meso said...

I like the Spaz Icon... r u on tour with these guys? Lucky if so, if not :) kuddos for adding to the candy jar of eye candy.