Saturday, January 12, 2008

Secret "Rebel Child" Names

A recent article has quoted Lupe as saying "It's definitely happening this year. We call each other by our Child Rebel names - but they are top secret for now." You can read the entire article here.


shamal said...

(yeah, i'm showing support and commenting all the posts.)

you should have asked him what his name was tonight.

Ciera said...

I know!!! If I got to talk to him I would have asked him. I hung around a little bit, but I'm sure they are hella covert with getting him out of there.

shamal said...

That's pretty much how it was. I hung around a little bit too, watched you tag your blog on the side of the bus, and then caught a glimpse of Lupe. He was ready to get into the little van that he was leaving in but I think he was surprised with how many people were sticking around outside after the show. I don't think he signed any autographs but he did shake a bunch of people's hands.

What's your next show?