Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photos From Recent Events

Can't get enough CRS? Me neither.
P and 'Ye plus many other celebs at the Bape opening in LA--see it on concreteloop.
Photo's of backstage TGITDT LA from Kanye's blog--check 'em out.
Perez has some pictures with Kanye here. Oh yeah and he wrote about the end of Kanye's engagement...but he was late on that one.
The BBC blog has some new pictures from the "Everyone Nose" video. Click here to go see them.

Beat Goes On, Darth Fiasco

Kanye posted Beat Goes On with his verse and P's production on his blog recently. Check it out.
Apparently Lupe has possession of a very nice Darth Vader costume and has made some cameo's during N*E*R*D's performances during The Glow In The Dark Tour. Here's a video and some pictures:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hard Candy leaked, including Pharrell-produced tracks

Madonna's entire album "Hard Candy" has now been leaked. It is due to be released on 4/29/08.
The Neptunes are credited with production on Candy Shop, Give it 2 Me, Heartbeat, She's Not Me, Incredible, Beat Goes On, and Spanish Lesson. Pharrell is featured on She's Not Me and Give it 2 Me. Kanye West is featured on Beat Goes On.

PS: The end of Kanye's engagement confirmed.

I know I got jewels like I'm the Pharaoh of the ghetto.

Click for full size!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Madonna Leaked, Kanye and Alexis Reportedly Split

About half of the tracks off of Madonna's upcoming album have been leaked, including work with Pharrell. Perez Hilton made a post about it here.
Blackvoices is reporting that Kanye and Alexis have ended their engagement. The article goes on to speculate on future possibilities in Kanye's romantic life. Also, an article over at sohh is saying they broke up in fall 2006, but that doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's just a typo. Fall 2007 would be a bit more believable. Who knows? Not me.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

N.E.R.D. on the Cover of The Source

Click here to read an article previewing the June issue of The Source.

Also, here are some reviews of TGITDT in Seattle late night.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"CRS T Shirt"

My stats tell me I get a lot of traffic from people searching something along the lines of "CRS T Shirt" so I thought I'd just Lovide you all with this list:

The Good Nerd T from Society SOP here and here
Fenally Gold CRS here

Lupe Fiasco Meets Sway--Link to MySpace video

This was just linked on the FNF blog. It includes Lupe saying some of the things about CRS that were quoted in my last two posts. I really enjoyed this video. I liked the questions and the answers from both Lu and Sway. Except, of course, I don't like to hear Lupe's stuff about retiring, but I'm glad Sway said what he said 'cause that's my reaction too.

Upcoming from The Neptunes

Check out this article from Six Shot describing the filming of the video for Busta's first single off his new album. The first single is a collaboration with Linkin Park. The upcoming album, titled "I'm Blessed," will include a track produced by The Neptunes. Originally titled "Before Hell Freezes Over" and then changed to "Back on My BS," the album is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2008 (Wiki: "I'm Blessed").

Monday, April 14, 2008

More from Lu on CRS

Click here for the MTV article that included the following quotes from Lupe:
"So, I did a song. Took Thom Yorke's 'Eraser,' cut it up, put 'Us Placers' on it, because I was going to do a mixtape called Us Placers and remake Thom Yorke's album [The Eraser] and Radiohead's stuff. I sent the record out, and it was initially supposed to have Kanye, and I wanted [U.K. artist] the Streets [on there]. The Streets, I got no response. He asked me to do the song for one of his artists. Then Kanye jumped on it and was like, 'I'm going to send it to P.' Then P sent it back, and it was like, 'This is the first song right here. Let's do it.' That was, like, a year and a half ago, and the whole time we've been figuring out what to do."
"We don't know if there's going to be an album from CRS, what CRS are going to be," he said. "All we know is we're going to debut a piece of CRS on the Kanye tour. You have to come see it."

Lupe also promised that "Us Placers" will be performed soon.

"We're gonna debut CRS on the tour." -Lu

BBC's interview with Lupe actually gives us some new information! Awesome.

"Lupe said: 'It was Pharrell's idea one day in the studio 'cause we're all similar, same likes and same dislikes, same goals and aspirations.'
'So on that level we wanted to create some music. But we haven't actually been in the studio together, everything we did separately and just emailed it to each other.'
But Lupe has revealed that all three are on the road in May.
He said: 'The stars aligned for us all to go on tour this summer for Glow in the Dark in the US, so we're gonna debut CRS on the tour.'"

Click here for the whole article.

In the blogosphere: http://www.childrebelsoldier.com now redirects to the FNF blog on Lupe's official site. It was previously a blog by someone who seemed to be from Lupe's inner circle. It randomly stopped being updated a while ago.


Here's the cake and a present from P's birthday. Pictures are from the BBC Blog.

And here's everyone's favorite cokehead celebrity at the shoot for the "Everyone Nose" video in NYC:

There was a fight between extras while getting ready to film. Click here to read about the incident.

Child Rebel Soldier T-Shirts

Check out this new CRS T-Shirt. I'm not gonna buy it 'cause it's not quite what I like, but it is still really exciting to see more CRS merchandise out there.
Kanye and Pharrell are both said to have been spotted attending Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding on 4/4/08. They musta had to spend a ton of time on planes that weekend because the next day was Springroove in Japan and the Bape anniversary party and Pharrell's birthday so I'm sure they were busy.
Lupe's video for Paris/Tokyo is done and it is awesome. If you haven't checked it out yet then you need to do that now. It's got great scenery and costumes. Basically I think it's perfect for the song. Lupe looks like the fly Indiana Jones when he's got that glasses/hat combo going on. I will have some screen-capture icons and graphics from that up soon.
The Glow In The Dark Tour starts in two days.

Good News!

I HAVE A COMPUTER. This blog is in no way dying. I will be back to posting a ridiculous amount of information everyday now that I have a computer. I will be seeing all three members of CRS on Saturday!!! I can't believe it. Check back soon--I have so much to catch up on!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mini Updates

Until I get my computer fixed, here are some short statements of what's going on in the world of CRS. I'll be back with comments and sources and details when I have a computer.

Madonna's second single will be the one produced by the Neptunes. I think it's called "candy store." I'll check it out soon. The video for her first single, produced by Timbaland, came out yesterday. Shooting for the video of the Neptunes produced track is said to be taking place in London. See Perez.
Official evidence that Everyone Nose (the track first available HERE) will be the first single off Seeing Sounds: there are reports of a video in the works.
Pharrell's birthday and Springrove are on Saturday, then HONG KONG, then THE GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR starts! I must write about P's birthday
I theorize that Busta and Luda will be touring together once their albums are released. I'll explain later. 
Another non-CRS item. Jay and B are said to be getting married today. I've found myself wondering if this would ever happen, and I'm happy that it will soon. Congratulations to them!
The Neptunes produced the song "Shakedown" for Luda's upcoming album Release Therapy (9/26/08)! I have heard the track off the mix tape!
Pharrell is probably in Japan right now, tomorrow is his birthday and springroove and he will be at the Ice Cream Store in Tokyo signing shirts I think today. Maybe that's what he's doing. it might be after springroove, sorry! Check BBC blog.
Has Busta released any details or potential tracks off his upcoming album? If not then I think there is one on the Pre-Release Therapy mix tape from Ludacris. Maybe it's old? I think that is some brand new ssssstuff right there.
LEMME KNOW if you're going to The Glow In The Dark Tour, and what you are gonna where/who are you gonna go with/what you are most looking forward to! If anyone wants to right a review after, 'cause I will probably wanna talk all about it, let me know about it! I'd love to here other people's experiences.

"Everyone Nose" Video

Perez Hilton is reporting that he has a source who states the Lindsay Lohan will appear in the music video for N*E*R*D's first single off Seeing Sounds, "Everyone Nose." The song has been describe as "observational" of cocaine use by women in night clubs. Click here to read Perez's post.

My computer is broken, sorry if updates are a little slow. Hopefully I'll be back in full force soon. I have so much I gotta do.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Check it out

If you're into shoes, you might wanna check out this article from Yahoo! News.

Homecoming Music Video

HOMECOMING from kwest on Vimeo.
Thanks for the heads up, Lisa. I first saw this on Kanye's blog and on Perezhilton.com