Monday, April 14, 2008

Child Rebel Soldier T-Shirts

Check out this new CRS T-Shirt. I'm not gonna buy it 'cause it's not quite what I like, but it is still really exciting to see more CRS merchandise out there.
Kanye and Pharrell are both said to have been spotted attending Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding on 4/4/08. They musta had to spend a ton of time on planes that weekend because the next day was Springroove in Japan and the Bape anniversary party and Pharrell's birthday so I'm sure they were busy.
Lupe's video for Paris/Tokyo is done and it is awesome. If you haven't checked it out yet then you need to do that now. It's got great scenery and costumes. Basically I think it's perfect for the song. Lupe looks like the fly Indiana Jones when he's got that glasses/hat combo going on. I will have some screen-capture icons and graphics from that up soon.
The Glow In The Dark Tour starts in two days.