Monday, April 21, 2008

Hard Candy leaked, including Pharrell-produced tracks

Madonna's entire album "Hard Candy" has now been leaked. It is due to be released on 4/29/08.
The Neptunes are credited with production on Candy Shop, Give it 2 Me, Heartbeat, She's Not Me, Incredible, Beat Goes On, and Spanish Lesson. Pharrell is featured on She's Not Me and Give it 2 Me. Kanye West is featured on Beat Goes On.

PS: The end of Kanye's engagement confirmed.


Mohani said...

I love Incredible and Hearbeat and of course Beat Goes on. Neptunes took it to another level and most def outshine Timbaland's work, who did good too.

oh and I agree with eonline regarding Ye and Alexis breaking up. Not surprised. That man's heart is somewhere else.

like the flu said...

this post was ok. i love neptunes shit and kanye but cant stand madonna. I fuckin hated that 4 minutes song. check this shit out

Tide said...

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