Friday, April 4, 2008

Mini Updates

Until I get my computer fixed, here are some short statements of what's going on in the world of CRS. I'll be back with comments and sources and details when I have a computer.

Madonna's second single will be the one produced by the Neptunes. I think it's called "candy store." I'll check it out soon. The video for her first single, produced by Timbaland, came out yesterday. Shooting for the video of the Neptunes produced track is said to be taking place in London. See Perez.
Official evidence that Everyone Nose (the track first available HERE) will be the first single off Seeing Sounds: there are reports of a video in the works.
Pharrell's birthday and Springrove are on Saturday, then HONG KONG, then THE GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR starts! I must write about P's birthday
I theorize that Busta and Luda will be touring together once their albums are released. I'll explain later. 
Another non-CRS item. Jay and B are said to be getting married today. I've found myself wondering if this would ever happen, and I'm happy that it will soon. Congratulations to them!
The Neptunes produced the song "Shakedown" for Luda's upcoming album Release Therapy (9/26/08)! I have heard the track off the mix tape!
Pharrell is probably in Japan right now, tomorrow is his birthday and springroove and he will be at the Ice Cream Store in Tokyo signing shirts I think today. Maybe that's what he's doing. it might be after springroove, sorry! Check BBC blog.
Has Busta released any details or potential tracks off his upcoming album? If not then I think there is one on the Pre-Release Therapy mix tape from Ludacris. Maybe it's old? I think that is some brand new ssssstuff right there.
LEMME KNOW if you're going to The Glow In The Dark Tour, and what you are gonna where/who are you gonna go with/what you are most looking forward to! If anyone wants to right a review after, 'cause I will probably wanna talk all about it, let me know about it! I'd love to here other people's experiences.


Sean [The Future Blogger] said...

didn't Release Therapy come out like 2 years ago?

Rachel said...

oops you're right I'm thinking of Theatre of the Mind. That's the new one. How embarrassing.

shamal said...

i'm going to the san jose show on the 19th.


may 4th i'm hittin up the ATL one.
so excited.

Lisa said...

So until you got your computer fixed. Click on the folowing website for the Lupe Paris Tokyo video: