Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photos From Recent Events

Can't get enough CRS? Me neither.
P and 'Ye plus many other celebs at the Bape opening in LA--see it on concreteloop.
Photo's of backstage TGITDT LA from Kanye's blog--check 'em out.
Perez has some pictures with Kanye here. Oh yeah and he wrote about the end of Kanye's engagement...but he was late on that one.
The BBC blog has some new pictures from the "Everyone Nose" video. Click here to go see them.


Anonymous said...

has anyone actually seen a CRS group performance at the Glow in the Dark Tour? I see they were all on stage at the same time but doesn't seem like anyone knew.

Sean [The Future Blogger] said...


you are listed on Lupe's Blog now!

amirah:the uncool said...

hey c i gotta say congrats to you on getting onto lu's blog...will we hear your blog shoutted out on lupEND?!?! lol i hope so :-)