Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kanye shows us some Glow In The Dark Tour promotional material

Check out the latest entry at Kanye West's blog here to see various pieces of promotional material for The Glow In The Dark Tour. He really knows how to create anticipation: the images are incomplete and will leave you begging for more.

Perhaps even more exciting is the above image, which appears to list not only N*E*R*D, but something that looks like the top half of "LUPE." It's gonna be a Child Rebel Soldier tour!
Oh yeah and shoutout to the people using my icons over on Kanye's Blog!


lauren_550 said...

i was waiting for you to post this. I check yours,ye's, and bbc blog a few times a day. i almost wanted to call u or somthing cause this is super great news!

JAG said...
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JAG said...

your blog is fly

Ciera said...

haha thanks guys. yeah i am kinda sick so that's why i was late on this one. i'm so excited for CRS fans everywhere.