Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glow in the Dark Tour: Kanye West+ N*E*R*D...?

Kanye first mentioned The Glow In The Dark Tour back in March 2007. He announced the name on MTV to make sure no one else would use the idea. Recently on his blog he posted this entry titled "This is my shit... GET READY FOR THE GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!" and featuring a picture of N*E*R*D from the Fly or Die album pictures. N*E*R*D touring with Kanye West is probably the best thing that could happen. As mentioned by some of the commenters, one can't help but wonder if Lupe Fiasco will be involved. Child Rebel Soldier pre-album tour? Maybe they write the CRS album while touring together, then it would be done at the end of 2008. That'd be perfect, right?
Check out The Glow In The Dark Tour place-holder website:


K. Denise said...

That'd be f'n great...I think I'll start saving

shamal said...

well it's confirmed, lupe WILL be touring with kanye and nerd for the glow in the dark tour.

i can't wait... seriously, this is the best news i've heard in a while.