Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My homepage has been set to www.searchwithkanyewest.com and it didn't occur me to suggest this to other people until just now. It basically gives you Google and ask.com combined, and you can earn points while you do it. It has some of those annoying fake results pages that just lead you to another search page though...so if that bothers you a lot I would just stick with Google. Here's an article with more information on what it's all about.
So I wanna thank everyone who has become a regular. From my site statistics I can see that there are regular visitors from all over the U.S. and Europe and there are even people from Japan and Thailand checking out this blog. This makes me really happy, but I wish I could get some more feedback on which posts are cool or what you guys want more of. I'd love some suggestions for icons or if there are some other graphics or something you would like to request. I was thinking about starting some kinda membership system called the Child Rebel Soldier Fancore. Please comment and share your opinion!


LJ-Sean Smith-[the future blogger] said...

The idea of the membership system sounds good.

An the Kanye search is not that bad either.

justin said...

I like the site a lot, you should come up with a better banner though, no offense but it's pretty generic.