Friday, February 15, 2008

Little Things

Okie, thanks for the comments lately guys :D. I think Imma stick with this simpler layout for a bit. It looks clean, right?
There was some upset fan club members at Kanye's forums 'cause the LA show got sold out so fast...but now they have added a second LA show. So if you're a fan club member in the LA area, check the page again. Also you probably got an email telling you about it.
As for the Flashing Lights video, the consensus seems to be that this is the first of a three-part series. I think we saw the ending and next it will go back to the start. OR if this is the start then there's some big twist headed our way.
Pharrell is in the studio with The Teriyaki Boyz and will be there will them for their show in April. I think maybe Kanye will be there too...? I gotta double check that. Also, P's skaters of Team Ice Cream now have a blog which I have added to the links section to the left, so check that out. I commented some over there, but I think they haven't started approving the comments yet 'cause there aren't any showing up.
OH YEAH, couple more things. Lupe will be performing at the NBA All Star game in New Orleans. Also, tomorrow is his 26th birthday!