Thursday, February 28, 2008

Late Night Appearances

Chad's hair is soooooo short. From what I can see anyway. I love it. I'm a sucker for shaved/buzzed filipino boys...and the sunglasses...ooooh, well just check it out for yourself.

And maybe you've already seen in, but here's Lupe on Leno. Jay Leno is not funny at all to me normally, but hearing him fail to pronounce Lupe (he said it the female way) is pretty funny.

And on Carson...the show you only watch when you have insomnia. He's got a collar shirt on <3. style="font-weight: bold;">Those glasses...look so good. I wish Lupe wore his glasses when I saw him live. Maybe he'll wear them some during TGITDT.


Chi-Chi said...

This is off topic with the post but I'm glad you dropped by my blog. I love the concept behind your blog. Three of my favorite hip-hop artists all on the same page.

David said...

I watch the one on the late night show last night / this morning. But thanks for posting the rest of them, I do think its pretty funny how so many people pronounce Lupe wrong.

Also I like the blog, I haven't commented much, but I read it all the time!

Rachel said...

bad tags