Monday, February 25, 2008

Media Takeout Reports on Possible Kanye/50 Collab

Click here to read the article. I have a lot to say about this, but I'll get to it later. Monday, oh, Monday.
In general, I dislike 50 Cent's image and message. However, I sometimes put these feelings aside and enjoy his music. I think that "Ayo, Technology" has really been the only big single from "Curtis" and the credit for that belongs mostly to Timbaland, who I really think is a genius. Also, Justin Timberlake's talent is truly undeniable. I've joked with my friends about how the reason "Ayo, Technology" is the only really successful single off of "Curtis" is because maybe it's the only collaberation with Timbaland and JT that 50 could afford. That might not be the issue, but then why didn't they make more songs together?
I am not saying that 50 Cent isn't skilled. He is, but when I get frustrated with his ways and the damage I think he is doing to his fans, I find myself saying "getting shot in the face doesn't make you a good rapper." I don't really believe that 50 would try to claim that (well...maybe he would?), but it's the message in his marketing. His image is exactly what hip hop needs to move away from. It's exactly what young people need to move away from. KIDS ARE LISTENING, and you are just gonna make violence seem as "cool" as you possibly can? How can you live like that. If you love hip hop, if you love people who love hip hop, maybe you should think about what the hell you are gonna broadcast, because you know everyone is listening. (Does 50 love hip hop? Shouldn't someone have to love hip hop to be so big?)
Just like their rivalry (if you wanna call it that) is good for hip hop--good for people who love hip hop--I think the of Kanye West and 50 Cent collaboration could be good for hip hop too. Maybe being shot in the face isn't gonna sell songs anymore. Or even if it does sell songs, I hope more hip hop artists will refuse to dumb it down for the charts. Everyone makes some singles for the radio and some songs that can get on MTV; I just wish that someone with as much influence as 50 Cent would realize that he shouldn't be all about that. Or if he is gonna be about that, at least say something different once in a while. (Yeah you're rich. Yeah you're tough. We get it...)
Kanye's contrast from 50 Cent is something I love about him. If you look at events in their lives that they emphasize...Kanye thanks God that he survived the accident, while 50 seems proud of being shot and still around. Maybe I don't know him though. Yeah, I don't know 50 Cent, I just know his current image. If 50 Cent can change his message and image so that he's not all about how "cool" violence is--if he can stop making young men everywhere think they need to be violent to be men--maybe I can forgive him for the shit he pulls, like releasing the song twice.


Anonymous said...

inspirational stuff you have here.i agree im not a fan of 50 either.i think your kind by saying he has talent.