Thursday, February 28, 2008

N3RD Re-Titled and Delayed

N3RD has been re-named "Seeing Sounds" and will not be released until late June, Six Shot is reporting based on an article in Entertainment Weekly.
The title is based on "[...]reference to a neurological phenomenon called Synesthesia, where senses cross so a tone correlates to, say, a color -- read the insanely complex dissection at wikipedia," Entertainment Weekly says.
So, the album won't even be out before I see them in April. Had a feeling it wouldn't, but June? Damn.


Amber said...

Damn. I had a feeling it was going to get delayed.

K. Denise said...

never fails damnit, lol

LJ-Sean Smith-[the future blogger] said...

I liked N3RD as the name.

Anonymous said...

lol hate to say it, but what did u expect? its star trak dammit they always push releases back 329847234896 times. i also liked the title N3RD