Monday, July 21, 2008


Apparently Page Six has reported that Pharrell is going to be a father. You can read more about it here, here, and here.
I'm gonna see Pharrell later today, but even if I have the chance, I won't ask him about it. I did see a tall, black female hanging out with him back stage before the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance, but she was very thin and not at all pregnant-looking. Also, she was just sitting there with P and a few other guys, not looking like she was the girlfriend of any of them.


Sierra said...

really cause because I remember seeing a girl hanging around P and the Kimmel show and me and my sister noticed she had a baby bump. Not as big as it is now I'm sure.

Ciera said...

The girl I saw was wearing a white wifebeater I think. Is that the person you saw?

Sierra said...

yeah I believe she was. The bump wasn't big, but her stomach pooched out too much for a girl her size.

Jersey Girl said...

Oh lawd no! my nightmare's coming true! *I* was supposed to be his baby's mama! LOL

I'm thinking this'll be debunked like the rumor of him knocking up Vashtie. Or like the mess about his skin-graft tattoo removal which he said later he was joking when he was talking about it.