Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)
I smiled so BIGGG!!!! The intro of the video was very funny and creative, LOVED the black and white "Tempations" feel :) OVERALL the video was; entertaining, exciting, alluring, FUN, 2 cuteeeeeeeeee, and they just DID an really good job, I'm really proud of Kanye...I knew he had it in him just not that MUCH...it's good to see him setting into a ZONE, that he probably does normally, but doesn't show it to the world. GO Kanye(smiling!!), Andre3000(shacking my head, because why was he laughing on the one part lol), Bentley (LOVEEEEEEE his character and personality) and Sa Re (I know I spelled his name wrong lol...but he's cool)

Tone Rock said...

I tried to get indepth with this video too on The QuarterHug

Fonzworth Bentley was a graduate from my college, he comes to our school periodically to hang out and chill with the students, he is a really down to earth guy.

Dre killed that shit too b.t.w.