Tuesday, July 22, 2008

N*E*R*D at the Fillmore

The show last night was AWESOME. I got about as close to the front as I did at the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance. Man, it was packed up there. I could barely move. Anyway, I did not get on stage, but it was still amazing and awesome and the crowd was a cool group. There were points when everyone would get pushed in one direction and be falling on each other, but then the crowd would push back and we'd be back on balance again. They performed "Maybe," which I was kinda hoping for, but really not expecting. The band was awesome as always, doing there awesome live mashup of "Seven Nation Army" and "Everyone Nose."
Here is the SF weekly review. It's pretty detailed and also has pictures. I saw the guy who was taking the pictures for the BBC Blog, so hopefully those will be up soon.