Friday, October 24, 2008

What's Up With Kanye

Alright so I know I haven't been updating much lately. I think it's gonna be like that for a while 'cause I am just trying to get my school work done. So before I go away I thought I'd summarize recent developments.
The second single from 808s & Heartbreak is Heartless. Listen to it here.
Kanye held a listening event at which he played all the tracks from 808s & Heartbreak while 40 naked models were there as decoration(see photos here). Here is the expected track list as reported by Rap-Up:

  1. "Welcome to Heartbreak"
  2. "Heartless" - 3:30
  3. "Love Lockdown" - 4:31
  4. "Robocop"
  5. "Anyway"
  6. "Streetlights"
  7. "Say You Will"
  8. "Real Bad News"
  9. "Amazing" (featuring Young Jeezy)
  10. "Tell Everybody That You Know" (featuring Lil Wayne)
  11. "Coldest Winter"
Plus at least two tracks are expected to feature Kid Cudi!!!
Here are some promotional images for the upcoming album: click me.
So it's pretty clear at this point that this album is all Auto-Tuned RnB, however Kanye has stated that he will have another album out in June of 2009! Hopefully it will be a rap album...
Also, Yeezy is on the remix of "Ego" of Beyonce's new album.
PS: The BBC blog wants everyone to know that N*E*R*D will NOT be appearing at VooDoo as planned. Sorry guys!