Monday, May 12, 2008

Drama with CRS?

Okay, so I'm not gonna comment on these articles, so judge them for yourself.
Supposed Lu / Ye disagreement
Past article on Lupe from the same author.


Sean [The Future Blogger] said...

well...on the latest studio footage it doesn't seem like they don't get along.

The dude i just hating on Lu.

Sean [The Future Blogger] said...


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

it seems to me that the author just doesn't like Lupe

Ciera said...

Yeah that's the impression I got.

esse said...

alright, I agree with every one saying that the guy is just hating on lupe. what a jerk, he doesn't know a real artist when he hears one. second, on that video footage of CRS in the studio, right after lupe's verse is done, kanye gets hella juiced and shakes pharrell's hand AND Lupes. he's tripping