Monday, May 12, 2008

CRS plus Pusha-T of the Clipse on "Everyone Nose" Remix

You need to go to Kanye's Blog now! He has posted the remix of everyone nose featuring Lupe, himself, and Pusha-T of the Clipse! Waaah! Some CRS collaboration, finally! Click here to listen!!!
Kanye says this is not the final mix, but he will have that for us soon. I wonder if they will use all those verses and add more or N*E*R*D's lyrics. Hmm I dunno maybe it will stay with just their verses and then the chorus. I will do another lyrics meaning post if there is enough interest in this song. How do you like it?


Jersey Girl said...

It's insane. In-freakin-sane. I've been blasting it non-stop all day yesterday and this morning. And catching that vid of them in the studio, with P bouncing around like a rubber ball just gets me more hyped. Sick I tell ya.

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

yeah,im def lovin the ruff version...i cant wait to hear the final piece.