Friday, December 26, 2008

Queens Get the Money Video (Off Topic)

Queens Get The Money Music Video from ENCYCLOPEDIA on Vimeo.

New link:


encyclopedia said...

Queens Get The Money Music Video's New Link
To Whom It May Concern

In recent activity, your site, Hip Hop Blips took great risks in posting the video, "Queens Get The Money."
We appreciate and are honored by your dedication to the freedom of speech and more importantly the new
movement and spirit of the hip hop community. Sadly, however, larger 'Powers' feel otherwise, and
has abruptly yanked the video from their site.

Thankfully, Youtube, has been willing to cooperate and respect artistic freedoms that has allowed the video
to persist (So far) . The video has taken over eight months to produce, and the stories behind the clips, which
will soon be explain, has many times brought our staff and friends to tears.

We hope that you find this new home and link for "Queens Get The Money" a simple edit to your blog, and
accept our apology for the confusion.

Thank You
The struggle continues.

The URL: