Friday, September 26, 2008

Pharrell's Lyrics from Paris, Tokyo Remix

I got almost all of it...let me know if you think anything is wrong or you see something I missed.

Now, I’ve been known to levitate
Like a hobo tryna catch a freight
To get away
And clear the day
And I be smiling at the stars
Like the hood does cars
Little ghetto mind you should travel like a bullet
From your favorite gun’s barrel
Or the Indian’s arrow
Mathematically align
Like the pyramids and pharaohs
Don’t let them burn your mind
Like you in your boys’ kettle (?)
Fly to Paris and end up in Tokyo
Let’s start a coalition so even the broke can go
To all those that never sold coke before
And with no ambitions to rock or roll
Let my people go
To broaden their horizons
Sharpen all they minds and
Sharper than the prong on The Neptunes’ triden
I’m just ramblin’
I ride my bike in the clouds
Mr. Spielberg hire me an ambulance
To the nigga Pimp C
God bless your life
And the creators of the syrup
I hope you’re restin’ right
Because you screwed a lot of lives
Kids and wives
In my mind I’m going ‘boo-hoo’ just like the eyes
But in my mind
Compromise my design
Like a missing puzzle piece
Make completion hard to find [Thanks Ethan]
I was resuscitated by Capri-Sun juice packs
Woke up singing NERD songs
And you can YouTube that
Now stay away from people if the pursuit they lack
And remember your starter kit was this Lupe track
Now one love, one love, one love,
Hey love
See you in Tokyo


Anonymous said...

"Like a missing puzzle piece\makes completion hard to find"

As in, you can not complete a puzzle if a piece is missing.

Meso said...

Oh My Goodness, thxs 4 sharing, I likes. especially the part about riding his bike on clouds and admitting to just rambling but needing an ambulance to take him away. LOL.

Shikhar S said...

he says:
mr speilberg hire me at amblin
cuz amblin is stepehn speilbergs company

also instead of 'Like the pyramids and pharaohs'
i think he says 'like the pyramids to the pharohs'