Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Happens When I'm Bored

[Edit]Here's an old interview to go with that even older picture. It's from shortly before the release of Fly or Die.


Lisa said...

Old Skool! :) said...

awww he looks so cute!! lol if i went to his High School, I'd prob. have a crush on him

tuesdai noelle said...

Such a handsome young man he was when he was younger...*What are you sayin about him now Tuesdai? lol* Nawl lol, he's still a very talented, humorous, intelligent, young gentlemen...One thing you gotta LOVE about P is that he's always going to look FRESH...basically him, Lu, Kanye and the REST of their FAM...everyone ages soooo well, I don't know how I flew off on aging well lol, but you get me lol :) One day you should find the photos of each of them and have your vistors or your FANS *I know you have some now!* guess who's who. I've seen all but one, and that Lu :)
Me and my LONGGG comments lol:)